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What Member of KISS Would We Replace On Which KISS Album?

In episode #18 we answer you questions in part two of fan question and answer. And, Tommy stirs the pot by suggesting one member of the original four should have his parts replaced by someone else if the original album were ever to be touched up.

  • Luke Williams

    Homework: I agree with Mitch, the Psycho Circus album was sold under false advertising. Would the album have sounded better with Ace & Peter? I don’t know.

  • Hi 3 sides.Tommy Somers you are an instigator! I am unsure of the parameters of the homework but here is my copy:
    #1 Replace the ghost guitarist on Creatures with Ace (no false advertising!)
    #2 Replace Vinnie with Ace or even Tommy.
    #3 Replace Mark with Bruce.Before I get a bunch of crap,I recognize each of the guitarist as an important part of KISStory.This is a”What if ?” Instead of 5 different lead guitars we had 3. A more consistent sound per era.I think it would be interesting to hear those songs with different leads.
    Each member of KISS had a peak where the really shined.In what time period (for you) was each member at their individual best?Open to any & all members. Thank You Tommy(troublemaker!) Mitch(humanitarian) and Michael (Gene’s buddy) for another cool show.

  • Dan

    I wouldnt replace any KISS member, I would replace all the session guitar players on Creatures and have Vinnie play all those parts. Also, I dont want any re-records. I LOVE Destroyer Resurrected. You have the same performances, but you can hear different sounds than the original mix. I would prefer they took all the original tapes from, say, Hotter Than Hell, Lick It Up, Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, HITS, Dynasty, The Elder & Unmasked and re-mix them. I thought the re-record CD they released with Sonic boom was AWFUL….stay away from re-records.

    • Yeah Vinnie ain’t doing anything anyway except domestic violence,dog hoarding suing G&P.I think Vinnie did play lead on most of Creatures.I think Vinnie and the other ghost were told to sound like Ace.Sorry I’m not a Vinnie fan.I appreciate his contributions/songwriting skills.

  • Tony Hanson

    I would replace Paul Stanley with Michael James Jackson on Sonic Boom & Monster. I love Paul but I do not like his production work. For me the last two albums have been forgettable. Paul’s production work in the 80’s on Animalize & Asylum was only slightly better. I would love to see KISS work with Mutt Lange.

  • Mike

    Hey guys
    My answer is simple…take all the albums, look at the back to see who is in the band at that particular time, and have them play on those albums. Ace on all Destroyer songs. Gene on bass on all Animalize songs, originals on all of Psycho Circus…..
    Oh, and you guys mentioned the song Psycho Circus should be brought back live… they DID play it on the most recent string of shows overseas.
    Finally, regarding how the reunion tour woul;d’ve went if it was the originals without the makeup..I’ve always wondered if it wouldve been more successful that way, or WITH makeup but with Eric and Bruce( or Tommy). In other words, what was the bigger draw, the original members, or the return of the makeup and big show?

    • Luke Williams

      I think the Reunion Tour would only have been as successful as it was with the original four IN makeup. I also thought it was a great choice to use the Love Gun costumes….their most identifiable era.
      It was a bit disappointing at how they chose to take to the stage on that tour. Even Bill Aucoin said in an interview that he was a little let down by the band members just standing on the stage as the curtain dropped. I would liked to have seen them ride down like the Love Gun tour or shoot up through the floor like Motley did on the Feelgood tour.

  • Alan

    I would replace you 3 clowns and we might get a better show! lol

    In all seriousness Smashes, HITS, Revenge and Alive III all need to be remastered