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Did Gene Simmons Family Jewels Save KISS & the AXS TV Live Monster Concert

In episode 30, July 2, 2013, this week’s conversation covered a number of topics… the recent AXS TV live concert broadcast of the Monster Tour, Rick Rubin producing the next KISS album and what impact did Gene Simmons Family Jewels have on KISS’ popularity and sales.

  • Lee

    Great episode. I love the Rick Rubin idea, but I can’t find myself thinking it’ll happen based on the probable price tag & Paul’s pride.

  • 1.-I think Tommy Thayer SHOULD record a solo album. That way we could see if he REALLY have what it takes to write songs by himself, rather than being the yes man he seems to be. That would get him a lot of respect. Bruce Kulick did 3 solo albums, each one better than the previous one, with “BK3” being excelent. Having a so-so voice is not an excuse

    2.-If it´s true you passed the first chapters on Peter´s book, you missed some dirty, shocking stories!

    Take care. A fan from Madrid, Spain