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Did Gene Simmons Lose the Demon Character on Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #11 we discuss Did Gene Simmons Lose the Demon Character. Has the demon character softened over the years? Does Gene do things on stage that are not characteristic of the demon?

The Peter’s Brothers Truth About Rock KISS Special –

  • Vinny D.

    With regards to Gene, yes I believe he lost the Demon a very long time ago. Although I’m still a fan of the band, all I see now when I look at Gene is a guy who is obsessed with making money. He wants to charge $1,500 to hear him speak, please. I try to limit my Kiss purchases to a minimum for that reason. Monster rocks and so does your show. I do wish Tommy & Eric were given their own characters to create. I still think it is weird they use Ace & Peter’s personalities.
    Be well boys!

    • Michael

      Thanks Vinny, we appreciate you watching and even taking the time to comment… means alot!

    • Dar Wurster

      $1500 doesn’t sound like a bad deal when you consider that rightwing political ideologue Ann Coulter charges $25,000 to speak. You read the right: $25K! Why anyone would want to hear her speak or even be willing to pay anything for the displeasure is beyond me.

  • Joe Lascon

    Hey, about Gene’s shy face with his hand to his mouth. On KK1, night one, Gene did this after he handed my wife a pic because my wife is indeed painfully shy. She’s not a boob flashing, name screaming front row maniac. She’s very reserved and she put her hand out and he simply placed a pic in it and she shyly accepted and he then did the shy thing. You can actually see this on youtube during Lick it up. I don’t see it as Gene being ashamed of being the demon, he’s just being goofy. Doing it on stage may be ok or not depending on one’s view. He lost the character long before he started doing things like this!

  • Eric Basa

    Love your webcast! Awesome topics!
    Yes I believe Gene lost the character a long time ago! Like you stated during this webcast, the Alive 2 cover of Gene is the epitome of what the character should be! That image scared the SHIT out of me when I was a kid! And that’s what drew me to not only him, but the whole band as well! I loved being scared, because it made me read up on them, and eventually, become my favorite band! Now, I just see them as a circus, or even a broadway play. Ironically, no matter who plays the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, you are still there to see the Phantom Don’t get me wrong, I still love the band, but they don’t scare me like they did in the seventies.

    Keep up the great show, fellas!

  • Vince Pileggi

    ok ,my hat is off to Tommy in this podcast -to be fair ,I agree with Tommy 110% this time -I bust his balls when I feel they need busted , but not this time -Kudos to Sommers ! Im am now officially ADDICTED to the show – thanks guys