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Did KISS Dig Deep Enough with the KISS Kruise Setlist?

In episode 49, November 12, 2013, Did KISS dig deep enough with the rare tracks they played on the KISS Kruise? Should they have played Rock N Roll All Nite? KISS Shockers from Mitch’s Locker is EXPLOSIVE this week. Someone pushed Mitch’s button and we get to see his reaction.

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  • Abner Devereaux

    Wow! The setlist on the Kruise was amazing…I saw “The Oath” on Kissonline as well, and that song alone was worth the price of admission – those fans witnessing that must have had tears of joy streaming from their eyes!

    Even though I personally wouldn’t care, I think that there would be many disappointed and angry fans if they didn’t play “Rock and Roll All Nite” – even on the Kruise.

    Thanks for doing this – big fan!