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Ep. 102 We Review The KISS Kruise and the KISS Las Vegas Residency

Episode 102, November 18, 2014. This is a MONSTER show! We review both The KISS KRUISE and the KISS Las Vegas residency at the Hard Rock Hotel. In addition we review KISS Monster Mini Golf in Las Vegas, where we held a Three Sides of the Coin fan meet and greet. We spoke with many fans at mini golf and include the interviews at the end of the show. Don’t worry half way through the show we take a intermission. Mark shares with us the various KISS Kruise collectibles he received on the Kruise.

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  • Hi Guys,

    I was the guy that gave Mark a copy of my KISS comic on the Kruise. The story behind it is this: I write a real comic book called The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade. You can check it out at Anyways, my five year old son Calvin wanted to make a comic too, so I hit upon the idea of making a photo comic (or fummetti) starring him as “The Lil’Demon,” from IDW’s recent KISS Kids Comics. No copyright infringement is intended. I just printed up a few copies to give away to friends and fellow fans. You can read the whole thing online here:


    P.S. I think you really hit the nail on the head when you talked about how the Kiss Kruise and other Kiss related experiences (signings etc) are at least as much about meeting other fans they are about the band itself. This was our first Kiss Kruise and we really didn’t know what to expect, but everyone we met on the Kruise was amazingly friendly and down to earth. Like meeting an instant family of kindred spirits, everyone made us feel right at home!

  • Scott Summerour

    Great show guys! I’m a KISS fan from way back in the day, but must say I lost interest after Dynasty. Not even sure how I discovered your show, but I love it. Definitely has gotten me interested in KISS again. My first KISS show was in August 76 at the LA Forum during the recording of Alive II and my second was May 78 at Magic Mountain during the recording of the concert scenes for that silly movie. If not for my cool ass mom I would have never made those shows as I was only 10 1/2 and 11 1/2 respectively at the time. Keep up the great work and wishing the three of you another 100+ great shows. P.S. Mom is still cool as shit!

  • Scott Summerour

    Correction, My first KISS show was in August 77 at the LA Forum, not 76 as previously posted

  • Mike Scott

    Hey Guys,
    I continue to enjoy the show and look forward to Tuesday nights to see the next topic! Since I actually listened to this a couple times (seriously, that’s like 5 hours!) in the background of my computer while I worked, I noticed some tendencies that are both fun and annoying and thought it would be fun to share. Hope you enjoy!

    Mike isms:
    As Tommy is making one of his rare comments, Mike interrupts with “So, so, so, so, so…” to make his more-important comment.
    Two-er (that’s Minnesotan for Tour)
    Friggin’ (aka frickin’) The clean curse word we late-40-somethings used as kids and can’t help it when it still comes up.
    “When I worked with KISS…”

    Mark isms:
    “Like I said…” as I repeat something that I didn’t need to repeat, but I can’t stop talking.
    “You know, it’s funny…” as I tell a story that’s not funny but again, I can’t stop talking.
    “I…” not the KISS song but I wish I got paid every time I said I because I’d be friggin’ rich!
    “I’ve got one of those”

    “Ya know”
    “Yep, um-hm”
    Let me mute my microphone as I furiously blow my nose…ON camera!
    I can’t get a word in edgewise so I’ll constantly fidget, look around and take dozens and dozens of sips from my cup. Must be a really good drink to work on it that long.
    When do I get to make my Vinnie Vincent is now a woman reference?
    “We want to hear from you guys”

    See you next Tuesday!

  • Hey guys,

    Watching the review of the Kruise and Vegas residency here right now.

    Loving what you have to say about it. I’m currently in the process of doing a photo gallery of pictures that were sent to me of the KISS Mini Gulf course and other KISS related sightings from the Vegas strip over a two week period. My long time buddy and rock and roll junkie David Mouland was there back in February of 2014 for two week. I’ll keep you guys posted as to when I get the photo gallery uploaded to

    Keep rockin’ Michael, Tommy and Mark