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Ep. 121 What If It Was Bob Kulick & Not Ace Frehley in 1974?

Episode 121, April 7, 2015. What If It Was Bob Kulick & Not Ace Frehley in 1974? What sort of success would KISS have had in their first year? Was Ace that critical to the band getting started? As a tease for next week’s special guest, Mark shares a Detroit Rock City movie program from Japan. And… we finally learn what rules Mark’s world, and it isn’t KISS!

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  • Mike Scott

    What I’ve seen and heard of Bob Kulick’s playing is very close to the sound and style of Ace. It’s blues and riff based with a focus on melody, the same formula that works best for KISS. While he was told to intentionally sound like Ace on Alive II (and his licks were great), he was supposedly given much more leeway on Killers and it sounded just like KISS too. Plus, his work on Paul’s solo album really added to the songs and kept it on par with Ace’s solo record. While Ace’s playing was a vital part of the original KISS sound in terms of creating some memorable riffs, playing with a certain amount of recklessness, and certainly a unique vibe, he wasn’t necessarily so different that another style of player like Bob Kulick couldn’t have done the same thing (or even better). The harder part to know is what kind of chemistry and music would have been created with Bob as opposed to Ace. Based purely on the musical collaborations that we’ve heard between Bob and KISS, there’s an argument to be made that it would’ve worked out very well. But, the unknown factor is what kind of “character” would have been created by Bob. What kind of stage presence would he have had and would it have made an impact as large as the Spaceman? We already know Ace’s persona and all of the baggage that came along with it (and, we also know how it didn’t work so well for Vinnie Vincent). But, if Bob had good chemistry with Gene, Paul and Peter, who’s to say that it couldn’t have been even better? I think it would actually make a very fun and entertaining episode to get Bob to discuss his thoughts about it. Who would know better than the man himself about how he was feeling in 1974 and what he might have done as far as creating his own KISS character and being one quarter of the hottest band in the world?

  • I actually wouldn’t have minded if Bob joined the band right after Alive 2. I like the feel of his solos on the studio tracks of alive 2

  • Mark Aldred

    A band called the Pretty Maids did an awesome cover of “Crazy Horses””

    • Michael

      Love Pretty Maids!