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Ep. 123 Mark Slaughter Gives Some Not So Pretty Details on Vinnie Vincent

Episode 123, April 21, 2015. Mark Slaughter Gives the Not So Pretty Details on Vinnie Vincent. What was the very first comment Vinnie Vincent made to Mark? What was the first comment Gene Simmons said to Mark when Slaughter toured with KISS? Who got the Vinnie Vincent Invasion their record deal? How did Slaughter get their record deal? How did Vinnie treat Mark on stage? Just what kind of a person is Vinnie Vincent? And of course… did Vinnie Vincent save KISS?

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  • Nicholas

    Very cool episode.. Mark Slaughter us one of the best guest you guys have had. Lot of great stories. My only complaint.. That long long long time spent on the guy that “offended” you.. Yes he offended you cause why else would you give him all that importance.. Really who cares.. That could’ve been more time with Mark S. Or maybe some other kiss news. Why give this persons opinions any time.. And I know Mark is a man and he can take those insults but I really think it’s insulting to repeat those insults.. I’ve said this before.. Guys just move on let’s talk KISS.. That’s what u do best but Mike you really seem like it bothers you most and tommy will agree with you of course.. But let it go.. What you guys did for that donation with tshirts is a far greater topic and worth hearing but not all that other mess..

    • Michael

      We care and since we do the show for ourselves we talk about it. This is about KISS and KISS fans, we don’t want to only talk about KISS.

  • Mike Scott

    This is the second in-depth interview I’ve heard with Mark recently and he’s so enjoyable and interesting. He seems very genuine and forthright and entertained all questions in a very open and laid back-style. Even though I’ve never been interested in Slaughter in the past, I’m going to check out their previous releases as well as his new solo record. Too bad this approach didn’t rub off on Vinnie back in the 80’s! By all accounts, Vinnie was, and likely still is, a narcissistic headcase that has squandered his talent as a guitarist and songwriter. You can hear the dismay when Mark and other musicians describe what a shame it is that Vinnie couldn’t get past himself and continue to make music. I remember how excited I was to buy the Invasion albums when they came out because I was such a huge KISS fan. But, knowing what I do now about Vinnie, the albums mirror my feelings about the music back then to his personality as described by those that knew him and worked with him. You could hear the talent but it was just so overbearing and gluttonous in an unnecessary manner. It was summed up very well when Mark explained how he and Dana would go to the exit doors to thank the fans as Vinnie played a 20 minute guitar solo to end their shows. Great talent presented in way that actually cleared the venue. Instead of saying “kiss my ankh,” Vinnie should’ve been thinking “God gave rock and roll to you” and been grateful for the opportunities he was given.