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Ep. 134 KISS Business Documents from 1977 & 1981

Episode 134, July 14, 2015. Tommy fills on in on what happened when he met Ace Frehley. Mark shares a couple KISS business documents that came directly from Bill Aucoin. Documents from 1977 and 1981 discussing how KISS should invest their money in 77 and questioning their management company Glickman Marks in 1981. Lots of behinds the scene business minutiae.

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  • Mike Scott

    I enjoyed this episode for a behind-the-mask look at the real happenings in the earlier days of KISStory. Instead of the hyperbolic and often inaccurate revisionism of Gene and Paul, it’s really interesting to hear the facts on the business side of things. So many musicians have fallen prey to unscrupulous business dealings and/or their own ignorance. The letter read by Mark shows an inquisitive Gene Simmons trying to avoid such pitfalls. We all know the overconfident and narcissistic Gene of today and the criticism he receives from other musicians (most of whom are completely envious in my humble opinion) as a sell-out or whatever other term of jealousy they can conjure for the Demon. But, let’s give him credit where credit is due and acknowledge that he had enough foresight to confront his business dealings head on, and it has certainly paid dividends in spades (sorry Ace!). I’d enjoy hearing more factual documents covering specific periods of time in the history of KISS and discussing how that was affecting the members, the brand, and the fans. Nice work boys!

  • Rich Nelson

    Peter Marino Pretentious. Sorry, your dad is F*cking Paul Stanley! One of the great rock gods of ALL TIME. Do something with the gift you were given, not pretend you’re Bob Dylan’s son. Take a clue from Wolfgang Van Halen, he knows the pedigree he inherited.
    2 · July 13 at 1:44pm
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    Three Sides of the Coin All I can is wow, what a totally douche comment to make. You really think you know what people should do with their lives because you are such a expert right? Mike
    8 · July 13 at 2:41pm

    Mike, you are the most insecure and unlikable person I have come across in a long time. Try to set an example and refrain from being so defensive, argumentative and insulting when someone expresses an opinion that differs from yours. Does this have something to do with the fact that you are secretly in love with Paul Stanley? I continue to watch your podcast but skip ahead as soon as you open your mouth. Tommy and Mark are class. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    • Michael

      Wait in the process of defending somebody else’s right to a opinion you ripped on me for having a opinion. Got it, you just want to bitch.

      By the way you might as well just stop watching as I talk ALOT during the shows. Oh, and its NOT my podcast. It’s our podcast. But believe whatever made up crap you need to justify your views of me.

      • Rich Nelson

        Hey Mike,

        Oh, I just knew you would respond in the way that you did. I just shake my head and chuckle. Here’s your problem. It’s not having an opinion; you missed the point completely. It’s your foul language my friend. “Douche”? Is it at all possible to make points by not using insulting, immature and offensive gutter language when you don’t like someone’s opinion? It make you sound like a child. I also read a post/comment of yours on the TSOTC Facebook page where you actually told someone to “f-off” for having an opinion.

        Amazing that you are seemingly unable to restrain yourself and make points by using other language that isn’t stuff you hear in grade school. Act like the adult in the room and set a better example – even when you don’t like what someone else says – instead of just reacting and spewing words that you were supposed to lose many years ago – like when Kiss Alive II came out. Try to evolve a little more and have a filter – like Tommy for instance.

        Of course I’m going to continue watching TSOTC, wouldn’t miss it.


        • Michael

          Don’t like our language don’t watch, simple as that. We aren’t changing anything to make you happy. Take it or leave it.

  • Jason Forauer

    Good Episode! I think this validates a bit of Paul’s biography where his therapist/manager, Jesse Hilson, asked to see the financial statements at some point in the 80’s and realized they were in trouble. I would be interesting to look at the net worth of each kiss member in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

    Gene likes to promote himself as a business genius…but it seems like Kiss really made their real rock star money in the 90’s starting with the reunion tour and had to learn financial lessons the hard way in the 70’s and 80’s.

  • Joey Graves

    In addition to LOVING “Asylum,” I thoroughly enjoy Ace’s “Second Sighting.” Tod Howarth truly shines on that record. I know, I’m in the minority!!!

  • Wow the new documents show had to be my favorite of all time. Thank you and hope there are more !

  • Nicholas

    Totally agree with rich Nelson comments.. I made a comment about everybody should stop making stupid comments and lil mike insulted me.. He definitely has thin skin. And he thinks blocking people is being a tough guy. I hope they go to a kiss expo to do show.. It will be fun I know there are some who really want to meet him and tommy.

    • Michael

      Wow if you are so thinned skinned don’t comment. You get me as I am, not how you want me to be. Come on out and meet us, bet you don’t have the balls to show your face.

      • Nicholas

        I bet you just don’t have balls.. U don’t have mitch to slap around anymore.. Look at the other guys on show faces when u cut them off with your lame comments. You comment back also to comments u don’t like u idiot.. So ur not thin skinned???? Why don’t u just go and insult and make fun of mark before he gets fed up with it like mitch. The last few shows have sucked anyway.. Boring topics, 2 that u had to pull plug on and that train wreck if mark “trying” to show his collection(which is cool) interrupted by ur insults and childish comments with tommy. And that episode where tommy kisses ace ass just because he meets him and mgr. But you blasted ace and his (fans) for over 2 years. And that thing you say every other episode .. ” we wanna do a show about the fans” well don’t flip vuewers off tommy and when u don’t agree mike don’t cry and waste so much time talking about how viewers don’t like you.. U sound like a little bratty baby. Ok tough guy u can block me now . Yes we will go see you at expo.. Or if u have balls as you say come to kiss kruise.. I will be there and I promise I will say hello. Promise!!

        • Michael

          Yeah sure, I will believe when I see it… and it won’t happen. If this bothers you so much why don’t you just leave, don’t listen. It won’t upset the three of us at all. Why piss yourself off like this? Is your life so empty this is all you have? I would be happy to come on the Kruise, will you pay? Otherwise I have better things for my money, like my family.