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Ep. 142 KISS Reunites in 1989 and Records a New Album, What Songs from the 80s Make the Cut?

Episode 142, September 8, 2015. KISS Reunites in 1989 and Records a New Album, What Songs from the 80s Make the Cut? Rules: You can select from KISS songs released in the 80s, from Lick It up to Hot In The Shade. And… Peter’s first two solo albums and Ace’s 80s solo albums. No demos. No songs recorded, but never released. You can rearrange the songs, have different vocals. Who would produce the album? What is the album title?

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Mark –

Tommy –

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  • Improbi

    I’m still catching up on episodes so I’m not sure if the gang has touched upon the question “What if KISS never put on the make-up gimmick?”. Would they have survived their first few albums on their music alone? Would they have been respected more among the music community & music buyers? Without the make-up which gave them a super-hero vibe & attracted kids to them in the mid-70’s during their rise in the charts that would be the backbone of their fanbase be as big or even exist as strong as it does. Would the original lineup stayed together longer if Peter & Ace were not drowning themselves in excess of profits from merchdise their gimmick?
    I’m curious, if the Michael, Mark & Tommy triumvirate were born 6 to 8 years later & their first exposure to KISS was during the non-make-up years starting with Lick It Up with no exposure to the prior make-up KISS material to inspire loyalty. In direct competition with fresh up in coming bands like Van Halen, Motley Crue & other hair bands at the time, I think Mike & Mark might still like KISS but would Tommy actually give them a chance with Vinnie Vincent steering the ship?
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