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Ep. 69 KISS Shock and Surprise Moments We Discuss Ours and Yours

Episode 69, April 1, 2014. We talk about Paul Lynde moments, ours and yours. What moments in Kisstory had a huge impact on us. The Beatles had the Ed Sullivan show KISS had the Paul Lynde show. We also share some of your stories for your moments… KISS Meets the Phantom, Mike Douglas Show, the Grammy appearance, Alive II promo video, Don Kirshner, Lick It Up video and many more.

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  • Jordan Van Dyk

    My shocker moment would have to be my first proper introduction to the band. I first got into KISS in 2003 when I was 12 yrs old with the payperview Alive IV Symphony show. I vividly remember thinking “what is this band?”. I didn’t know what to think…but I also couldn’t look away either. And by the point where Gene does the blood spit and Paul flies out over the audience I remember thinking that I need to know more about this band. And from then on I’ve been a die-hard KISS fan.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Trueman Yuill

    The last time KISS suprised me was when they announced the release of Sonic Boom. After the disappointing response to the Psycho Circus album, both Gene and Paul had stated in several interviews that they had zero interest in recording new music. With over a decade passing since the last release, I was shocked to hear a new album was on the way.

  • dennis

    Hey fellas, I loved the Bill Aucoin show! Like you said, there is a plethora of content out there for KISS fans to eat up, including various podcasts, so I applaud you for taking the road less traveled and providing these “slice of life” type shows.
    I would much rather hear stories and personal accounts of those who were close to the group or the people behind the scenes that have never been given the mic before than the same things recycled for the Nth time.
    The Roman show was a sweet surprise and it was very touching to listen to.
    I mean, it’s KISS’s 40th Anniversary, let’s take a moment to honor the man who gave them to us. Who knows if we would be celebrating 40 yrs of the boys without him.
    Thank you and Roman for sharing the memories with us!
    Rock on, fellas!

  • Chris

    I remember being 6 in 1978 and my heart would just go to my throat when I would see the TV commercial for Double Platinum, and later, the 4 solo albums. I got Ace’s for Christmas that year. The next year, 1979, came the 1977 Japan concert on HBO. I was so excited that I literally stayed inside all day, not leaving the TV in the den even though it was hours before it came on. I did not want to miss a single second of it. Fast forward two years and my friend says they were on Solid Gold, and Gene sang some kind of song about “What the world be like without superheroes?” and cried at the end. I didn’t believe him until I saw the rerun the next night. PS…When I saw the People magazine cover in the summer of 1980, I thought Eric Carr was simply Peter wearing “new makeup” until I read the article.