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KISS Expos are Exposed on Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #16 we talk about fan run KISS expos and the official KISS conventions. The good and the bad of fan KISS expos. Should KISS do KISS conventions again? Is the KISS Kruise the new KISS convention?

  • Terri Bey

    Great job. If I were putting together an Expo. I think I would go with the LA Guns or Sebastian Bach band playing a set of their stuff, and have them sprinkle in several KISS classics. I’d have the dealers of course. I go to Expos to hang with my friends. Honestly, I have more fun chatting with my buddies. Of course, in my case, I am buddies with the dealers. LOL

    As far as a guest, at this point, as you all said, Bruce and Eric , and you all know I LOVE both guys to death, but they have been to these places a million times. I would think outside the box and try to get J.R. Smalling (First Tour Manager, and is the voice introducing KISS on “ALIVE”) , I would get C.K Lendt. How about Bob Ezrin? Vinnie Poncia, Bruce Fairbairn, or some of the others you all mentioned (Kevin Valentine, Eddie (last name escapes me, Peter’s drum tech). I would maybe try to get John Harte, who was one of their big time security people during the 70’s. He may be an idea for a guest. I am sure he could tell some stories.

    Maybe, why NOT you guys, have a LIVE Three Sides of the Coin debate. Get the fans involved.

    Maybe make a contest. You all would have your show for an hour, like normal, and before the expo, while they are waiting in line, fans would have to think of a subject for the three of you to debate on. You all pick two subjects to dedicate 1/2 hour each to.

    Both fans whose questions are picked will get a nice prize of some sort

    I don’t know. All this is off the top of my head.

    Great job though. Terri.

  • mike

    I love the above idea from Terri about having you guys doing a live “three sides…” With all the new podcasts you guys mentioned at the beginning of your show, word is obviously getting out about this show. What about setting up an actual KISS stage. If I’m correct, aren’t they all warehoused somewhere/? What fan wouldn’t like to actually be able to walk on the actual Love Gun stage and see it up close The band (LA guns, Skid Row) could do their set up there too. As for the live shows the band has recorded, b ut never released, What about showing that footage on a huge vid screen at the expo ? For me, thet would be worth the price of admission to watch a never-before-seen show.
    Like you said, the band probably wouldn’t get involved with showing up at this stage. But maybe they’d go ahead and offer the stage sets and/or vids>?

    • Michael

      We would love do it live at a expo… start telling the expos you want us to attend.

  • donny g

    Great episode it 🙂

    • Michael

      Thank you Donny.

  • Steven Kirkpatrick

    Its Ok Mitch, I Bought ***hole, and yeah it was kind of a train wreck lol…. but honestly i do enjoy listening to it once ever few months

  • Raylene

    your show is nice but kiss fans really don’t care about all these lame no-talent sissy bands you constantly vomit out of your mouth. hair metal is not metal. it’s fake limp-wristed poppy bubblegum crap no one gives a care about. it happened. note the tense. it had nothing to offer anyone then, it has nothing to offer anyone now and it will never happen again. so we get that besides kiss, you have very very lousy taste in music. fine. shut up about it already and talk about kiss if you cannot talk about bands that actually make music rather than a bunch of whiney crying by people who wear their instruments rather than play them.

    stick to kiss and YOU dial it down on that lame boyband crap.

    get a clue and burn those no-talent albums and have a nice day.

    • Michael

      Raylene, so you are speaking for ALL KISS fans? You know this to be fact? I doubt it. You don’t like hair metal and this is cool, but other KISS fans do. Do they need to agree with your personal feelings or should you just let them like what they want?

      Get a clue, not everybody in the world is going to like the same things you like.

  • Raylene

    your point is taken.

    my point?

    the common denominator of 3-sides is kiss. not johnny cash, hair pop, black sabbath, not you, me, whoever whatever. it’s kiss. therefor not everyone likes what YOU like either. so let us stick to the common denominator. besides that your show is good but when you stray from the common denominator you are not really doing anyone or yourself any favors. not hating on 3-sides or you or the guys. you are entitled to what you like, i am entitled to what i like, we all are entitled to our personal tastes. i appreciate you read and respond to the posts, but honestly what you wrote was something i could have easily wrote to you in regards to that point. in other words we agree. really don’t want to pursue this further and that’s my two bits.