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Rumors of a Brand New KISS Stage for the Monster Tour on Three Sides Of The Coin

In episode #24 turn the reins of the show over to Tommy who has a grab bag of topics to discuss including the rumors of a brand new KISS stage for the Monster Tour, the Indy KISS Expo and more.

  • donny g

    great episode.and qet a live one in 3 hours im really pumped up !!

  • gary aeh

    If I had to go with a better stage show or better set list, I’m going with the better stage. I’m thinking the routine set list played out to different effects would bring more to the songs. I always want to here an entire song so a medley would not be something I would like, and I do agree that the solos could be nixed, that would free up some time to do a complete album show. And the album I would like to hear in it’s entirety live would be CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. That would be my dream Kiss show – new stage, creatures in it’s entirety, with an era by era set list. Of course the show would have to be a 3 hour event. Actually a medley of deep tracks from the 70’s as the closing I would like. Yep, I’m dreaming now.