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The Merchandise, The Costumes, The Music What Hurt the KISS Brand More?

In episode #22 we discuss The Merchandise, The Costumes, The Music What Hurt the KISS Brand More?

  • Luke Williams

    I feel that the root cause of many bad decisions that KISS made were the loss of Peter and Ace. I believe that Paul and Gene were grasping to overcome these obstacles resulting in these ‘knee-jerk’ decisions.

  • Gary Aeh

    I think that it was the musical direction they took. The band leading up to 78 were having internal problems and the idea was to go to the solo projects, and maybe they lost their identity as a band. They never came back together as a band and lost their direction. And when it was time to go back in the studio together their idea was disco, which was already fading, but it was very much already in Paul’s mind to do that type of a record. Dynasty came out when I think Disco was no longer cool and some major heavy rock albums appeared, from then on Kiss got in the trailing position. If they had come up with Creatures in 79 instead of Dynasty, I think they would have been able to stay ahead of their game, and not lost the edge.

  • Gary Aeh

    I think it was started with the release of Dynasty. Only if Creatures came out in 79 what a difference that would have made

    • Luke Williams

      Creatures in ’79 would definitely have been a positive thing.

  • mike

    I think ’78 was the beginning of their downfall. Before then, they got bigger and bigger every year, and ’77 is thought to be their pinnacle year. Then, ’78 happened, and, suddenly who are they trying to appeal to? They put out “kiss meets the phantom”,and 12 year old kids loved it. Are those kids going to be into Peter’s solo album?? Then they follow it with a disco album, new outfits with bright colors and flowing capes. This is when they started appearing less and less in Creem and Hit Parader, and more into Tiger Beat and 16. I used to put magazine pictures of KISS on my walls. Years later, I found them in my moms attic. It was weird seeing Leif Garret and shaun Cassidy on the backs of the newer pictures.They introduced Eric Carr on “Kids are People Too”, fer chrissakes.
    At least by ’82, they found their way back. I think they did quite well in the eighties, considering they started as a band with four disinct personalities, and outrageous makeup and costumes. They lost two members and that image, and somehow stayed in the spotlight.
    As for todays KISS, I don’t think Gene is hurting the band. Gene is definitely branding Gene Simmons, but i thinkmost people separate the two.

    • Luke Williams

      You make a great point about Eric Carr being introduced on ‘Kids are People Too’ . Not very cool if you were a late teen or older at that time.

  • Batlizard

    Over-saturating of the market with Toys and their faces on magazines such as 16. I do not think that their music was necessarily a factor but the music trends going around them at the time such as Disco, New Wave, and Punk. The solo albums coming out at once could be look as over-saturation of music and may seem to some like a pompous act.

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