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The Sloppy Episode Ace Frehley is a Sloppy Guitar Player & Some Vinnie Vincent Stuff

Episode 95, September 30, 2014. This is the sloppy show. Ace Frehley recently was quoted as saying Paul Stanley is a sloppy guitar player. Ace said this! Ace, the guitar player whose beauty is his sloppy playing. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. We also discuss Vinnie Vincent and the foreclosure on his house. Something we aren’t ashamed to discuss. We all also look back at some of our memories from attending many KISS expos. Mark shares are rare collectible, the original blueprints for the stage from the Love Gun tour. This ain’t no Spencer’s crap!

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  • In response to the homework question I’d pay $85 for a tour of Mark’s house! 😉 … seriously!!

    I believe Ace will be heading out to Australia next year and I will definitely go whether it’s $85 (or more). I must say it’ll be great to see Richie Scarlet in the band.

    I won’t be doing a meet and greet though, I’ve heard more negative than positive experience of people meeting Ace – I don’t want to risk having a negative experience with my childhood heroes.

    The only convention I’ve been to is the official Australian ones and they were magical for me.