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Ep. 267 Three Sides on the Side… Gene Simmons Sits Down with Us and Answers the Questions

Gene Simmons Talks to Three Sides of the Coin!

Episode 267, January 23, 2018. While in Detroit to personally hand deliver the Gene Simmons Vault to his fans, Gene Simmons sat down with the KISS podcast Three Sides of the Coin.

During this 20 minute conversation with Three Sides of the Coin cohost Mark Cicchini Gene discusses his massive Gene Simmons Vault Box Set, including why it took so long for the three songs featuring Alex and Eddie Van Halen to finally be released. Gene addresses a couple historical questions that KISS fans have been wondering about for decades; did he spit blood on the first night of the Lick It Up tour and did KISS have to wear their Love Gun costumes on the first night of the Creatures of the Night tour. Gene also discusses his 1978 solo album and how it was going to include Jerry Lee Lewis as well as John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Finally in a topic near and dear to some KISS fans, Gene talks about his hair, yes his hair!

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