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We Remember our Best KISS Album Buying Experiences & Why Mike is a Loser

Episode 75, May 13, 2014. We remember and share our best KISS buying experiences… our memories of buying KISS albums. While revealing one of his memories Mike also reveals why he is loser, tune in and find out what he almost did when he was 13 years old.

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  • Jordan Van Dyk

    A great episode! I was really hoping you would do a topic like this.

    My favorite memories of buying KISS albums would be back in 2007 when I walked into a record shop that I knew had KISS stuff. I noticed copies of Hotter Than Hell and Dressed To Kill were sticking out of a box of records that apparently hadn’t been sorted yet.

    I pulled a fast one and said that I had found them on the shelf with no price tags on them and somewhat blamed a few drunk teenagers that had come in at the same time and they had been moving things around in the same boxes. That’s actually how I noticed the 2 KISS records, they had moved them into view by accident.

    Anyways the store clerk bought my story and charged me $7 each for the 2 albums, and $5 for the additional copies of Lick It Up, Asylum and Unmasked that I had found on the shelf. I fondly remember sitting in the car on the way home thinking “I just got 5 KISS albums that I have never heard before…this is gonna be a great evening.” And it certainly was…

    The release of Sonic Boom is another real highlight for me since it was the first KISS album that I had anticipated the release date. I remember rushing out of college after classes to get to Walmart and buying it. Problem was that my copy had no CD in it. Factory error I guess. But I got another one and I enjoyed from beginning to end. It was another great day!

    Keep doing topics like this, they are really entertaining!

  • I was first mesmerized by KISS after seeing them on the Flip Wilson show July 11, 1975… I promptly kidnapped my parents and went right out to a local department store called the “BIG N” and bought “Dressed to Kill” after a warning from my cousin Johnny that these guy were loud! … I will never forget actually being scared to put it on the family stereo (you know, he big one that looked like a piece of furniture?) … I started with the volume really low because I was afraid it would blow up the speakers…. No lie… And you thought your damaged “Destroyer” record story was dorky!

    After wearing that LP down to the bare vinyl (“Anything for My Baby” was my favorite tune!), I learned that my next door neighbor Larry was selling records out of the back of his van…. Hey, sounded good to me since that’s how I used to by all of my stereo equipment back in the day LOL… So I asked him if he had any KISS? … He said… Oh yea, in fact he just got a hot new copy of their latest album… He dug through a milk crate full of records and pulled out a fresh copy of ALIVE! …

    Seeing the cover, my knees got weak and I broke the sound barrier running in to my mother and asked her (actually begged her) to spot me a few dollars to buy the album… I remember it was around 8 bucks… Which seemed like a ton of money back then… Well, When I got my hands on that album I raced back into my house… (about 20 feet from where I bought it… cool huh?) and put the record on… It was the first live album I ever heard… OMG! … That’s all I can say… I became a hermit in my room for the next six months…

  • Mike Scott

    I remember getting Double Platinum in ’78, which I think was my first KISS album, and using a pencil and paper to trace over the embossed faces to figure out what each member really looked like. Of course, it didn’t work because the images are not accurate (intentionally?).

    I also remember getting Dynasty and having to return it multiple times because there was a defect in the album pressing making for scratches in several places. Each time I returned it to K-mart, I kept the poster on the inside. Not proud of it, just saying how I wanted as much KISS as I could get as a 13 year old boy. Plus, I would eventually go to a Dynasty concert here in San Diego which was my first KISS show!

    For the Elder, I actually still have the handwritten lyrics that I spent so much time creating when I listed to that record over and over. I remember how excited I was to see them live on Fridays and see Eric Carr play drums for the first time. I also drew a killer black and white rendering of Gene Simmons in his Elder costume for a 9th grade art class (still have it as well). It was still exciting to be a KISS fan but also starting to become something a little frustrating too with the changes in band members, outfits and musical direction.

    I don’t remember specifically buying Creatures but I do remember listening to it almost non-stop in late ’82 through early ’83. By now, I didn’t really know any other “current” KISS fans so I was out of the loop in KISS news. But, I did see the Creatures show in Arizona (where I was living for that year) with Motley Crue opening and it was nice to see them return to some of the bombast of the early years. I also remember literally using our 8mm camera to record the Creatures video from our TV. Man, it was so much harder to find KISS back in those days!

    The album-buying experiences have been less impactful as I’ve gotten older but, of course, I have purchased every album they’ve released. With the introduction of CD’s and the elimination of their makeup, it became less momentous to get the new KISS CD’s but I always was excited to hear their new music. I wonder how the new generation of KISS fans feel about their experiences today? That might be an interesting “compare and contrast” topic for a future episode.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Mike Scott in San Diego