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What Type of KISS Fan Are You? Ace? Peter? Vinnie? Originals? 80s? Gene & Paul?

In episode 46, October 22, 2013, we discuss the many different “genres” of KISS fans. The KISS Army seems to be divided by who you are a primary fan of…. Ace Frehley fans, Peter Criss fans, Vinnie Vincent fans, the original four fans, fan of 80s KISS, fan of Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley. We discuss all these groups and what group each of us relate to the most.

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  • Rob Meyer

    Great show about the what kind of fan are you. I am 40 and was born in 73, so while I was not old enough to fully grasp the new, crazy KISS experience, I did have an older brother who liked them and I became a fan by 4 yrs old, dressing up and jamming with card board guitars we cut out and colored.

    I was scared of them but couldn’t get enough, by the time I was old enough to GET IT, they were replacing ACE. I was a huge fan of the ACE look, the best of the makeup but Paul had the best songs and was just flat out a STAR.

    I could go on for hours here but I seem to have a minority or maybe a sort of esoteric view of the band. I loved the originals and the makeup larger than life concept. But the non-makeup look really moved me. Paul was the essence of cool, the girls wanted him and the guys wanted to be him. It took the rest of the guys a few albums to find their look, but Paul was the shit.

    By REVENGE they completely came into their own and looked perfect. The music thru the 80s was softer but had more energy at the same time, listen back to the 70s and the first 3 albums are almost unlistenable. Slow, bad sound quality, and really unpolished. I know a lot of fans prefer the unpolished rough sound, I prefer the quality sound.

    Like Michael I LOVED watching Paul’s energy, the jumps, the hops, the kicks…he was a GOD!

    As the band changed members, each time I read the reasons for the departures, and even as a young teen I understood. You cant have self destructive people killing the band. And to me as long as Gene and Paul were there, that’s all that mattered, I mean how many KISS songs by Ace and Peter really mattered not to mention were played live? Plus having a new guy sing those few songs would be easy, neither guy really had a distinctive voice. And honestly…ANYONE would be an improvement vocally.

    Watching UNPLUGGED was cool, the family back together, but I was dreading what was coming…THE REUNION. I loved Bruce and Eric, having the first blonde member was odd, watching the premier of Unholy had me speechless, a bunch of friends were there as well, we just sat open mouthed and when it was over we were like…WTF just happened, KISS just went BADASS, and did it very well.

    So the reunion came and I went a few times, it was cool, memory lane and all that but it was what I feared…a step back in energy and musicianship. The biggest horror for me was Peter and ACE back in makeup. I seem to be the only one who notices until I point it out…they looked AWEFUL! For some reason they both made their eye makeup HUGE! Whether it was due to reseeding hairlines or whatever, the makeup was way too big and seemingly covered their entire face.

    The whole thing made me kind of embarrassed for them. Yes they drew record attendance but that was for the novelty, but in the bigger picture I think putting it back on killed the vibe that KISS really could be serious musicians, they didn’t need that novelty anymore. They don’t draw those numbers anymore and even if Ace and Peter would have stayed on after the reunion, those numbers would have decreased as the novelty wore off…just like in the late 70s.

    At the end of the day its about the product you put out on stage and the music and musically those 2 never advanced past the 70s. I loved hearing KISS modernize, add better guitars, bigger drums and Singer transformed this band like no other, so add that to your “did Vinnie save KISS” discussion (I guess I owe a buck haha). Hearing ALIVE III (the best live KISS album) just blew my mind, hearing those mundane, boring drum tracks from the 70s all of a sudden come to life with double kick drums etc. Not to mention Eric’s energy and incredible vocals, especially his background help, like Michael Anthony, he helps out big-time, especially now that Paul is struggling.

    So to finally answer the homework question…long story longer (copyright Paul Allen, since I hear Tommy use Kfan bits) I watched and listened to every formation, but hands down the best version of KISS…musically and visually was Paul, Gene, Bruce and Singer.

    P.S. Mitch is the Paul Stanley of THREE SIDES OF THE COIN. Steals the show and is F’N Hilarious.

  • Jordan Van Dyk

    Hey, love your show. Watch it every week and thoroughly enjoy every show.

    I’m a fan of all eras of KISS and will stand by that. The only member I can say that I’m NOT really a fan of is Vinnie Vincent , although I could extend that to Mark St. John as well but he’s a blip on the radar in comparison with everyone else.

    Keep up the the good work!